Coming Home

Hi, everyone! We’re back from our tour. It was so much fun, I could have gone forever, nutrition be damned! The good thing is that we are planning something again for this summer so I’m super happy about that!

As soon as we got home things ramped up pretty quick. We are getting a lot of things planned for the summer. A Nashville adventure is coming together, we have a lot of shows planned, and we are probably going to take some music-related trips. I don’t know what I like better: making the music or just having the excuse to go somewhere and explore. Trying new food and seeing new places is one of my favorite things. Bonus points if there are accents and/or sunshine involved!

Shawn and I both listen to a podcast called ‘My Favorite Murder.’ In one recent episode, Karen and Georgia extolled the virtues of making not a ‘to do’ list but a ‘ta da’ list, to remind yourself of all the things you’ve already done. I highly reccomend it.

So here is my ‘Ta Da’ list of some of the things we have secured for the upcoming months and are excited about doing:

Later this month we are doing a show in Burlington VT with The Mountain Carol at Light Club Lamp Shop.

In May we are doing a direct-to-vinyl recording session at Leesta Vall Studio in Brooklyn where we make one-of-a-kind records- you can even preorder one with your favorite Roan Yellowthorn song on it! It only takes a minute and you’ll get a beautiful custom album in the mail with a live cut of the song you choose right on it. Every one is one-of-a-kind and absolutely unique, just like a vinyl polaroid. The vinyl itself clear with a paisley pattern in it and is so pretty. Unlike any other vinyl I’ve seen before.

that’s my face!

The same weekend that we’re doing the Leesta Vall session we are also playing a show at Pine Box Rock Shop in BK. I played there two years ago but I’m even more excited to go back because lately I’m really obsessed with true crime podcasts and PBRS used to be… a casket factory. Creepy!

The most immediate project I’m working on is a new music video. Shawn and I made the last two ourselves and this one is going to be done with a real music video company (thank you Blue Elan!) I could not be any more excited about it. I don’t really know what to expect but it’s going to be fun and amazing to have someone else be the one who thinks about shots, set-ups, editing, and all the rest. I am definitely a control freak, but I am so thankful that we can surrender some of the technical and practical work to someone else who knows what they’re doing so that I can focus on the idea (and acting lol) side of it. But I’m also glad that we have done enough ourselves to really appreciate how much work goes into it.

little hint about the song we’re doing 😉

Also, we played a Sofar sounds show on our tour. If you don’t know about Sofar sounds, it’s the coolest thing ever. Bascially, it’s a network of people in many cities and countries who host secret shows in unconventional spaces. The ticket-holders know the city but don’t know who is playing or where the show will be until the day of! It’s a nice way to play for new people.

I have wanted to do a Sofar show for years so when we booked one for our tour, I was really excited. We ended up playing in a Memphis living room and it was sublime. I get anxious when I feel like I can’t connect with people. And I usually become much more soft-spoken when I speak than when I sing. So being in an intimate venue where people are there for the express intention of listening and connecting is so nourishing to me. That’s why I loved our Sofar show so much. And, now that we are in the network, it is much easier to play more of these shows. Some artists plan entire tours around Sofar shows. And, in fact, almost as soon as we got home, I had an email from the Sofar coordinator in Philly asking us to play a show there! Yes, yes, and yes!

We have a few new videos on youtube from the tour – releasing one a week! We have Nashville and Athens, GA up so far.

And, if you haven’xt yet, follow us on Spotify.

I want to see your ‘Ta Da’ list! Share in the comments?

Until next week!


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