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this is what I look like when I’m writing music. At Fever Studios. Pic by Aaron Bock.

Hey, friends! I am writing you from LA. This is our my record label is based and I’m here for the week to spend time in studio and play a show at Hotel Cafe (tonight at 8pm) with my labalmates Car Astor and Amy Wilcox. I’m pretty much having the best time ever.


So far we’ve recorded at Fever Recording Studios and Clear Lake. Our rhythm has been to start around 9:30am (after eating a few donuts, of course) and to make music all day long. It is these long days that I love. Oftentimes in my life I feel antsy, like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel restless a lot, like I’m waiting to start doing the thing that I really want to be doing. It’s just how I am. These long days in the studio carry no hint of this ennui. Twelve hours in the studio is twelve hours of bliss. I get the feeling that I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. Exactly what I should be doing.

We’ve tracked 5 songs so far with some of the most talented musicians in the world. Zachary Ross on guitar, Cooper on bass. Shawn killing it on the drums. I’m working with the piano player Ty Bailie this week and he is blowing my mind with what he’s doing. My labelmate Aubrey Richmond is playing fiddle and mandolin (we call it ‘womandolin’) and she’s also been acting as vocal as well. She’s helped me get some of the best vocal performances in recent memory. I look to our label founder, Kirk, for assurance on everything. I really respect his experience and insight.

Kirk, Aubrey, our project manager Aaron, me, and Shawn after a day in the studio

Tomorrow we are spending the day at the office with the Blue Elan team to have meetings, talk about plans, go over what we’ve done, and have some quality time.

I love it here. I don’t want to leave. But I’m not thinking about leaving. I am here in this moment. In this place. Enjoying every minute of this time that is devoted one hundred percent, completely, to music. To creating. To planning. To building. To revelling. To working. At a job I love so much it feels more like an honor. 

This is my happy place. A special zone where I can write, record, collaborate. Where I can be immersed in music. Where I can be surrounded by music makers and music lovers. Where I can sing, again and again, in the studio. Where I can eat 4 donuts in a row and feel like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Where I can do what I love to do. Where I can be all of the things that I know I am. Where I can revel in this identity that I finally feel I own – that of an artist, that of a dreamer, that of a musician.  

We have one more day in the studio today and our show at Hotel Cafe is tonight!

Grateful and so very content.

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