Back in LA

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We are back in LA this week working on a project!

I had a whole other blog post already written about something entirely different but we’re having such a good time that I couldn’t resist writing a little update.

First off, the people we’re working with are blowing my mind. I feel so thankful to all be here together making music. It feels like we’re all communicating by telepathy, communing with one another. Feeding off of eachother. Loving one another. It’s a beautiful thing.

I love connecting. Collaborating. Making something magical that didn’t before exist in the physical world. It fills me with joy.

We’ve had so many magical moments here so far.

recording vocals at Clearlake Studios


Cooper, Zach, and Brockett
Shawn on drums

This is a short post because I am heading out in a few minutes to finish up in the studio but I can’t wait to share what we’re doing!

We’ve spent two full days in the studio and have one day left. The first two days were for all instruments plus a few vocals and today is overdubbing, final vocals, and harmonies. I love every part of the process and doing the final vocals and harmonies is like the icing on the cake. It’s such a fun and gratifying process. The instrumental foundation has already been laid down and it feels so good to add that vocal layer. After that, it’s out of my hands and off to be mixed, tweaked, mastered, and finished into the final product.

I love doing this. A few years ago, this was a dream. And now I’m here. It feels so right.

These songs are so good that last night at 10pm we blasted one of them through the studio speakers and all danced. I can’t wait to share them.

I think we might have a hit or two on our hands 🙂


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